Atlanta Falcons Just Got a BRUTAL Message from Their Own Fans — Players are STUNNED!

With the NFL athletes protesting the National Anthem by kneeling and after President Trump vocalizing his view on the disrespect these teams have displayed and the penalty they deserve, things have hit a new level. As the league decided not to penalize the athletes for their outrageous protests and the support specifically given by Kaepernick towards a cop killer, the NFL is starting to witness just how much the fans disapprove of their actions.
American NFL fans had immediately started to burn season tickets, jersey, hats and voice their disappointment in these actions and now we can see that the stadiums are not filling up, in fact, they are pretty empty.
At Atlanta’s game on Sunday, the stadium was so sparse and a clear sign of the fans leaving the game of football.  American’s want the athletes to show up and support our National Anthem.
Not only are the fans doing everything to avoid supporting the NFL, so our sponsors.  More and more sponsors are pulling their advertisements.  The biggest one is Budweiser.
Do you think this is enough? Will this change the NFL’s response to the protests and is it too late?

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At kickoff for today's Falcons game, most lower deck fans are disguised as empty seats.


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