ILLEGALS BEWARE: Trump Just GRIDLOCKED Illegals In Their Tracks With These 4 Ingenious Moves

One of the biggest reason Patriots voted for President Trump was his tough stance on illegal immigration.  Sure, we’ve all heard a lot about the wall, but Trump has other moves, that are at least as important.

In addition to the wall, Trump’s plan would remove the incentives for illegal immigrants to come to America in the first place.  In other words, we wouldn’t even NEED a wall!  Here’s some of what he has proposed to Congress:

  1.  Make Sure Employers Don’t Hire Them:  Trump has proposed mandatory use by employers of e-Verify, which would check the immigration status of all job applicants.  Also, he proposes punishing employers who hire illegal immigrants at the expense of American workers.
  2. Criminalize Visa Violations: Trump proposes making it a crime to overstay a Visa. About 40% of illegals entered the U.S. on a valid Visa but never returned home after it expired.
  3. Stop Fraudulent Asylum Claims:  Trump proposes higher standards of proof regarding claims of fear of persecution and penalties for making frivolous claims.
  4. Close Loopholes That Encourage Parents to Send Children, alone, to America.  These parents know that U.S. law does not allow for the kids to be sent home right away.  Often, they just stay.  And stay.  And stay.
  6. And there’s even more!  It’s a 70 point plan:
(Courtesy of Mass Tea Party-Wake Up America via
Sure, we voted for a wall, and we want a wall, right?  But what Trump is also proposing is just as good, if not better.  Let’s tell Congress that we are with Trump on this, by Sharing this so many times and commenting “I support Trump.”


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