It seems nobody can understand Democrats. That is because if they are acting normal and in specific situations know how to react, we will not speak now for their behavior.
The man in charge of the ongoing Russian investigation has a history of being among the first loyal to the Democrats.
Slowly but steadily, people are beginning to see through the façade of Mueller’s supposed impartiality. Recognizing that the special counsel is hardly conducting an “independent” investigation, some representatives have requested that the special counsel resign.
Given the fact that Robert Mueller was FBI director during the newly exposed Russia collusion scandal, many including attorney Gregg Jarrett are calling on Mueller to resign.
The conflict of interest is obvious. He clearly went out of his way to protect the Clinton Foundation in the past. How can he be an accurate judge of President Trump’s actions?
From Infowars
Attorney Gregg Jarrett is calling on Robert Mueller and Rod Rosenstein to resign from the investigation into Russian collusion with the Trump administration having themselves been complicit in Russian collusion by approving the sale of 20% of US uranium reserves to Russia.
Mueller and Rosenstein were on the CFIUS committee that approved the sale despite knowing that, as The Hill reported, “Russian nuclear officials were engaged in a racketeering scheme involving bribes, kickbacks and money laundering,” that also ensnared the Clinton Foundation.
Hillary was also on the committee that rubber-stamped the deal while her husband was receiving huge speaking fees from Russian officials as millions in “charitable donations” poured into the coffers of the Clinton Foundation from Russia.
Watch the video:

Asked by Hannity how the likes of Rosenstein and Mueller could now be judging the Trump administration over Russian collusion having themselves been complicit in Russian collusion, Jarrett was unequivocal.
“They’ve got to be fired or they have to resign,” he responded, adding, “It totally compromises their integrity, I don’t see any other way out.”
“Rosenstein hid this information when he knew it….hiding this information, not disclosing it to Congress, when they had a legal obligation to do so seems to me to be unconscionable and they have no more integrity associate now with their Trump collusion case,” said Jarrett.
The Senate Judiciary Committee has now launched a full-scale investigation into the bribery scandal, although as The Hill columnist Joe Concha points out, the bombshell story is being ignored by the media.
“This important & explosive story from Solomon and Spann of The Hill received exactly zero seconds of airtime on the evening newscasts,” he tweeted.
Regardless, with these details, it’s impossible to see how any person can see this investigation as anything other than a political witch-hunt.
Should Mueller resign immediately?


  1. This article makes a huge mistake: "the Trump administration having themselves been complicit in Russian collusion by approving the sale of 20% of US uranium reserves to Russia." and it needs to be corrected.

    1. Those sentiments echo mine. Sounds like a liberal wrote it. Certain people, and we know their names, should be investigated. We don't have neutrality the way it is now. I DEMAND A RETRACTION OF SUCH AN OBVIOUSLY BIASED, JUDGEMENTAL STATEMENT.

  2. DO WE NOT RECOGNIZE THE SIGNS OF WAR? TRUMP WAS FAIRLY ELECTED AND NOW HAS TO DEFEND HIMSELF AGAINST BOGUS CHARGES (made by none other than the sorest Losers, Clinton-Obama) INSTEAD OF DOING HIS JOB! LET HIM DO THE JOB HE WAS ELECTED TO DO! Remember, the Russians started the democratic downfall luring in as many people as possible to get what they wanted!

  3. All of those involved in this scandal and corruption need to be indicted and prosecuted!
    Mueller and Rosenstein both need to be fired, and prosecuted!


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