Whoopi Goldberg Mouths Off To Ann Coulter – Gets A Brutal Response

There’s nothing Whoopi Goldberg loves more than ignorantly slamming President Donald Trump every day on her liberal ABC talk show “The View.” Unfortunately for Whoopi, conservative personality Ann Coulter recently made a guest appearance on her show, and she wasn’t having any of the loudmouth liberal’s anti-Trump nonsense.

Fox News reported that the segment began with Joy Behar slamming Trump for his attacks on the media, saying that it’s all part of a plan to hide his connections with Russia.
“He doesn’t want his supporters to believe the media when he’s gonna be put in handcuffs,” she said.
Coulter could not help but laugh at this, calling conspiracy theories about Russian collusion “insane.” Whoopi then called Trump out for  lying “quite a bit” yet always criticizing “fake news” stories,” but Coulter was undeterred.

“He doesn’t lie,” said Coulter. “He lied one time and I’m not gonna tell you when. … He’s a BS’er, an exaggerator.”
Coulter then said that, “Hillary lies.” Whoopi had no retort to this, so she instead broke out laughing to try and save herself from looking like an idiot.

In the end, Coulter managed to expose both Behar and Whoopi as fools who have no facts to back up their assertions against Trump. SHARE this story if you think ABC should FIRE Whoopi Goldberg!


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