Breaking! President Trump approves of the release of documents that could devastate Congress

He requested from Congress to expose the lawmakers who accepted the sexual abuse claims.
On Tuesday, reporters asked him if Congress should publish the information from the settlements and he approved.
Democrat John Conyers, who is one of the members who had the longest service at the U.S. House received an accusation that revealed his uncontrolled sexual tendency. However, he rejected every accusation against him, insisting that his office acted to avoid “protracted litigation.”
One of his former female staffers came forward and explained that she got fired because she denied following his sexual demands, as reported by BuzzFeed News. Several others came forward and gave their testimonies under oath.
One of his former employees filed a complaint in 2014, but somehow, they had to persuade her to be quiet. So, she received $27,000 in settlements and she had to agree not to reveal the information to the public.
The employee explained that he constantly harassed her and offered her sexual favors in his hotel room. One time she joined him in his room, thinking it will be about work, but when she arrived he started to bother her with his sexual requests. He asked her to make contact with his private part or even find him another woman who is willing to sexually please him.
He also used his position to promise promotions or increases in salary in order to receive sexual pleasures from his female employee.
It is disgusting to see that a man of his position would dare to do those kinds of things.
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