Do You Support Donald Trump’s Plan To IMMEDIATELY Deport ALL Criminal Aliens?

The Trump administration on Tuesday released an aggressive plan to stop illegal immigration, warning that all of the estimated 11 million undocumented immigrants currently living in the United States are subject to deportation at any time.

Two memorandums signed by Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly laid out a series of policies intended to increase immigration enforcement, speed deportations and discourage new asylum seekers. Among the provisions: the hiring of thousands of new border patrol and immigration enforcement agents, the creation of a new office within Department of Homeland Security to work with the victims of crimes committed by unauthorized immigrants, and an expansion of the number of unauthorized immigrants who can be deported through an expedited process.
The practical impact of the orders is not yet clear. Administration officials, in a conference call with reporters on Tuesday, said the moves were not a prelude to mass deportations, which would in any case likely require additional funding from Congress. Many details — including the fate of hundreds of thousands of undocumented immigrants granted temporary protected status by former President Barack Obama — remain unresolved, and some of the new policies will likely face legal challenges.
Donald Trump has recently doubled-down on his primary campaign promise to begin deporting millions of illegal immigrants on day-one of his Presidency.  Do you support this plan or do you feel that it shouldn’t be a central focus on the Trump campaign?
Do You Support Donald Trump’s Plan To IMMEDIATELY Deport ALL Criminal Aliens?


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