John Podesta Demands Termination Of FOX News Host and His Show

John Podesta and the Podesta group wrote a letter of complaint and soon we can expect a trial after the former-campaign manager of Hillary Clinton got enraged on Tucker Carlson and FOX News.
John Podesta became one of the main ‘antagonists’ in the latest huge cases against the Democrats and the Russian collision. Podesta and his brother were involved in both cases Uranium One and the Trump dossier. This speaks volumes.
However, John Podesta finds himself innocent and he feels offended by Tucker Carlson and his show. As RSW just reported, John Podesta is going after Tucker Carlson and he demands his termination.
Before going live last night, Tucker Carlson received a threatening email from the Podesta Group: “The letter demands that this show ‘immediately cease and desist disseminating false and misleading reports about Mr. Podesta and the Podesta Group'”. Trucker exposed the threat via Twitter:
You can see the letter in addition. According to some, Tucker Carlson can sue John Podesta for threatening.


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