According to USA Today, a New York City Court Judge Astacio has been arrested

Judge Leticia Astacio was arrested following an issued warrant. Judge Astacio is accused of driving in the alcoholic state from August 2016.

After her arrest, she was returned to the courtside, yet this time she was the one showing up in front of a judge. Her case was delegated to Judge Stephan Aronson, the same judge who issued a warrant for her. Judge Aronson is additionally the leading judge in a case against her when she was driving intoxicated.

Judge Leticia Astacio
As the USA Today cited, there were more arrests of Astacio for a drunk ride in the past. She has been charged commonly and has confronted many cases in a past couple of years.
What’s more interesting, she admitted that she broke the probation rules in her past. Judge Aronson told her openly and personal: “You’re doing everything to show you don’t care what happens to your public trust.”
We couldn’t agree more with Judge Aronson words.
It is clear that all judges must show with their own example ethical standards for the rest of general population. It is really a shame to see a judge making the same delict again and again. Astacio is one of the judges that is definitively not doing her job as it should.
Despite all offenses Astacio did in the past, Judge Aronson offered her agreement. His offer implies that Astacio is going to be imprisoned for 45 days and after that, she will be on a two-year probation, and she would need also to wear an ankle bracelet for 6 months period. Astacio denied the offer.
After Astacio decision to decline an offer from a judge, she was immediately sent to jail. Now, she will have time to think about her actions and consequences for rejecting the offer. Terrible decision, however, it’s her 
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