Just In: Trump crushes Hillary, the DOJ and Jeff Sessions While in Hawaii (VIDEO)

During his stop, President Trump told the media that he’s disappointed in the Department of Justice for not investigating Hillary Clinton, the DNC, and John Podesta for their glaring criminal actions.

Trump isn’t messing around. He, like the rest of conservative America, wants to see Hillary FINALLY accept responsibility for her illegal and immoral actions.

On Thursday, Former DNC chair Donna Brazile finally admitted that Hillary Clinton’s team commandeered the DNC and rigged the primary against Bernie Sanders.

She says she was forced to go along with it.
During his remarks to the media, a reporter asked him for the umpteenth time about his one meeting with George Papadopoulos last year. Papadopolous pleaded guilty to lying to Special Prosecutor Robert Muellers team. Once again President Trump said he did not remember much about the meeting.
Then the president turned his wrath at the Department of Justice and do-nothing Attorney General Jeff Sessions.
There is no one who can take a nasty question and then turn it around on a hit on Democrats.
And he did this knowing the liberal media refuses to report on the Democrat Party corruption so he makes sure to bring it up!
It’s genius.
The American people want to see Hillary Clinton pay for her laundry list of crimes.
Speaking of that, where is Jeff Sessions?


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