Melania Trump accompanied Donald Trump for half of his Asian excursion across five countries before she headed to Alaska on a solo mission on Friday. Though her trip was brief, Melania definitely made an impression on the Asian people with her varied wardrobe choices. During her time in Japan, China, and South Korea, Melania Trump wore a total of 11 different designers — 18 pieces total — which ranged from dressy casual to formal, reported W Magazine.
The first lady kicked off the trip in Japan, the first country on their itinerary, in a bold, striped Fendi coat, and ended it by wearing a high-waisted gray skirt and a black blouse to visit the Great Wall of China. In between, Melania played around with fun looks like a “naked dress,” a black, floral evening gown, and an oversized cape coat. Some of Melania’s looks were covered here, herehere, and here by The Inquisitr.
Now, the Sun, in a new report, has gathered up every item that Melania Trump was photographed in, and accounted for the price, which comes out to be a whopping £32,309, or $37,686.83 in USD. The article arrived at the total based on the prices of the items as listed on various websites such as Net-A-Porter, Farfetch, and Valentino, which means that the actual total may vary slightly.

It’s unclear if Melania Trump personally purchased all of the items, or if they were loaned to her. It’s common for public figures to borrow clothes from designers for events in exchange for publicity, which could be what happened in Melania Trump’s case. Whether or not Melania Trump paid for her clothes, it should be noted that despite public speculation, taxpayers don’t pick up the tab for the first lady’s wardrobe.
Regardless, Melania Trump’s expensive taste in clothes continues to be a polarizing subject.
Melania’s detractors usually condemn her for what they feel is her flaunting her wealth, as well as her preference for European designers over American ones, especially considering her husbands “America First” stance. Melania’s supporters, on the other hand, usually praise her for what they feel is a killer fashion sense. The two sides constantly butt heads about the issue, a trend that will likely continue for the duration of her husband’s presidency.
What do you think about Melania Trump’s hefty wardrobe price tag? Does it matter? Or do you think that people are focusing on the wrong things?

SOURCE: Inquisitr


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