Oh My God! Chuck Grassley Just Opened Investigation That’ll Put Hillary In Prison

Senator Chuck Grassley (R-IA) is Chairman of the Judiciary Committee and has been investigating the Uranium One scandal for months. Grassley is expected to ask Attorney General Jeff Sessions about the Russian Uranium One Scandal in Wednesday’s hearing

This is huge news. It was reported earlier that the FBI uncovered Russian bribery of the Clinton’s in 2009 by the Department of Justice. Watch the groundbreaking video below via Hannity.

From Circa News, Senator Grassley will question the Attorney General about the Uranium One Scandal.
John Solomon: “I can confirm tonight. I am reporting this out tonight Senator Grassley, Chairman of the Judiciary Committee, began an investigation last week specifically asking all the CFIUS members did you know there was a criminal investigation. This is going to become one of the most important investigations that is going to evolve this fall.”


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