Wednesday Papa John’s pizza chain pulled its NFL advertisement

We all remember the extremely embarrassing ads where Peyton Manning shilled for some overtly average pizza. Well from now on the ads won’t be airing.

On Wednesday when Papa John’s pizza chain pulled its NFL advertisement, the NFL lost their largest advertisers

honathan Mazn the senior financial eaitor Nation’s Restaurant News blames only the NFL for this lost.

he NFL has hurt us, We are disappointed th NFL and itsleadership did not resolve this, the founder and CEO of Papa John’s John Schnatter said. Leadership starts at the top and this is an example leadership,
” Schnatter said, pointing out that the problem had been nipped in the bud more than a year now. While many private businesses small chains are ready to boycott over the disrespectful and anthem protests, Papa John’s is the the NFL largest company to support them. e NFL has been in a turbulence of controversy since last season when former NFL player Colin Kaepernick first took the knee during the national anthem. His protest slowly grew in 20to NFL season, with many players choosing to kneel sit or rase power during the national anthem. black The controversial explodedin or after President Trump criticized the NFL players for protesting the nthem Septemb American people feel the protests are disrespectf though they woulrm’t ever aer y the tight to protest to anyone.
The NFL tans believe that the sational mithemo the are not the place time to protests. As the NFL is starting to lose its viewership, and fa declining sting hope Commissioner Roger Goodell will finally realize the anthem protests are onlv hurtin the NFL and mill decide to make some change. Pleme snare this post on Facebook with your thoughts. hat is your opinion on this..


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