Barack Obama Comes UNHINGED – Just Threw Deranged Public Tantrum

There is a longstanding tradition in this country that former presidents leave the spotlight and allow their successor to lead unchallenged. Unfortunately, Barack Obama has been ignoring this tradition, as he just can’t seem to accept that he is not president anymore. (Video below)

Freedom Daily reported that since leaving office, Obama has been following President Donald Trump all over the country as he desperately tries to get the attention back on himself. This week, when Trump travelled to New York City to speak before the United Nations, Obama was right behind him. When he arrived in the city, Obama had a vile public meltdown that should have left him humiliated, yet he is likely too arrogant to realize that he embarrassed himself.
While speaking at an event for the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Obama referred to himself a shocking 42 times in just an 18 minute speech. Given how many times he referred to himself, it’s clear Obama was having a public tantrum as he desperately tried to reclaim the spotlight.
While praising what the Gates family has done to combat climate change, Obama said, “Climate change…We can figure it out. It can be done. And that spirit, that spirit that says, to quote, I guess, myself, ‘Yes we can.’”
Obama concluded his speech by saying, “The last thing I’ll say so that I don’t sound like I’m still in the U.S. Senate and filibustering…” before offering a point, which he called a “profound one.”
He then recalled his days in Chicago in a typically self-centered fashion.
“My early work as a community organizer in Chicago taught me an incredible amount, but I didn’t set the world on fire,” he said.
In the entire 48 minute speech, Obama talked about himself 96 times. The former president said “I” 78 times, and “me” or “my” 18 times


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