New Revelation: James Comey Just Opened the Floodgates for Charging Hillary With Treason!

Comey Draft Indicates It Was ‘Reasonably Likely’ Hillary’s Server Was Hacked
An early FBI assessment of Hillary Clinton’s private email server indicated that it was “reasonably likely” she had been hacked by hostile foreign actors.
Then-FBI Director James Comey’s original draft on the matter said that while “we did not find direct evidence that Secretary Clinton’s personal email system … was successfully hacked,” a combination of other evidence made it “reasonably likely that hostile actors gained access to Secretary Clinton’s private email account.”
The statement was revealed in a letter sent by Senate Homeland Security Committee chairman Ron Johnson to FBI Director Christopher Wray.

What was also revealed is that Comey made edits to the original statement that watered down the statement. The phrase ‘reasonably likely’ was replaced by ‘possible.’

FBI insiders at the time were “99 percent sure” that the email server Clinton used during her time as Secretary of State was breached by multiple foreign hackers.
In November, Texas Rep. Michael McCaul made a little-noticed statement that also seems to indicate Comey had originally said Clinton’s server was ‘likely’ hacked.
“She took those devices overseas against the State Department’s wishes and now we find out, as James Comey told me previously, that it’s very likely that foreign adversary nations got into her private server,” he said.
McCaul said the possibility of foreign hacks were “In my opinion, quite frankly … treason.”
So if being hacked by foreign agents is treason, what is it when somebody covers up that fact?


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